How To Grow Your Natural Hair

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Often we get the question how can I make my hair grow. Ladies, I know the struggle! Maintaining length and growing out your natural hair can be very difficult and a headache. We have came up with our top 10 tips to grow your hair. These tips are the things we found necessary for growing those inches.

Tip #1:Understand Your Hair

You can't grow anything if you don't know the building blocks and structure of it. Hair is made up of a protein named keratin. Keratin is what protects your hair and helps it stay elastic and youthful. Hair also has follicles. Hair follicles is what keeps the hair in the skin. The hair bulb is the base of the hair follicle. Your hair goes through different phases. The growth phase (Anagen), the transitional phase (Catagen), and the resting phase (Telogen). During the Anlagen the hair spends several years growing at any given time. After the Anagen phase the hair then moves to there Catagen phase. During this phase hair growth slows and the hair follicle begins to shrink. This Phase usually last a few weeks. The final phase is when growth stops and old hair detaches from the follicle. New hair begins to push the old hair out. This phase usually last over a few months then growth phases repeats its self. Remember that everyones hair grows differently and hair usually grows one-half inch per month.

Now that I have played out the basis of hair. I will discuss the structure of curly and kinky hair. Knowing the structure of your hair can help you grow and manage your hair. When it comes to your hair being curly or kinky it all boils down to your hair shaft and follicles. The shape of our hair follicles determines our hair texture. Hair follicles of those with curly and kinky hair adopts an oval shape. Curly and kinky hair follicles tend to have flatter ovals. These types of hair also tends to be dry because the hair follicles curve. This causes sebum, oil that lubricates hair, from reaching the full length of the hair. As far as the hair shaft goes, it determines the hair texture because of the protein bonds. Curly and Kinky hair contains a lot of these disulfide bonds which change the structure of hair and makes hair bond closer together.

Tip #2: Stay Hydrated

Ladies staying hydrated is a major necessity when you are trying to grow your hair. Our bodies are made up of more than half of water. It is important to drink at least eight 8oz glasses of water daily. Hydrating yourself internally will give your results externally. Water not only helps your hair, it also helps your skin. Water will have you glowing honey!

Tip #3: Clean Eating and Exercising

Your overall health can greatly improve hair growth. Exercising not only improves your overall health, it also improves your hair health. Working out improves our stress levels. being stressed out is bad for our hair. When we stress our body produces the hormone Cortisone. In extreme cases cortisone can lead to high levels of shedding and alopecia. When we exercise we produce the hormone Serotonin which helps reduce stress. Less stress equals hair growth. Exercising also increases blood flow and circulation to our skin and scalp which encourages hair growth.

Our diet also has a huge impact on our hair growth. Having a healthy diet helps grow stronger and healthier cells, thus promoting hair growth. Eating foods such as Salmon, Dark green vegetables, beans, nuts, poultry, eggs, whole food grains, low fat dairy, etc. can help improve hair growth.

Tip #4: Vitamins

Taking vitamins is a great way to boast hair growth . Biotin is a well known vitamin that is taken for hair growth. Biotin helps the renewal of cells in hair, which allows hair to grow faster and longer. While biotin is a great vitamin, I prefer taking a multivitamin that contains biotin. Vitamins that have a special blend of vitamins and minerals specifically for the hair is also great to take.

Tip #5: Hair Care Regimen

Having a good hair care regimen is key for natural hair. A good regimen promotes hair growth. Here are some things you should keep in mind for your hair care regimen.

  • Wash your hair every week.

  • Find products that your hair likes.

  • Massage your scalp every week.

  • Deep condition your hair.

  • Moisturize your hair.

  • Wear protective styles.

  • Wear a satin bonnet or sleep on a satin pillow case.

Tip #6:Protective Styles

Wearing protective styles are a great way to not only protect your natural hair, but to grow it. Minimizing the exposure of hair will minimize the damage. Twist, braids, sew-ins, wigs, etc. are great protective styles for your hair.

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Tip #7: Moisturize your hair

Natural Hair can often be very dry. Because of this it is important to moisturize your hair in order to maintain elasticity. Moisturizing your hair will cause it to be less prone to breaking, thus helping you maintain length and grow your hair. In order to keep your hair moisturize it is important to use a moisturizer daily and deep condition weekly. Giving your hair a hot oil treatment every once in awhile can help you maintain moisture and reduce frizziness. Oiling your scalp is also a great way to maintain moisture and stimulate hair growth.

Tip #8: Handle Your Hair With Care

Ladies, please be gentle with your hair! Manipulating your hair too much can lead to breakage. When detangling your hair you must be gentle. Finger detangling is a great method to use. It is less harsh on hair than using a comb. Also when combing or brushing your hair slowly start with the tips of your hair and work your way up to the roots. Avoid styling your hair a lot. Certain styles can be damaging to your hair. Opt for low manipulation styles such as buns and high puffs.

Tip #9 Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning will overall improve your hair. Deep conditioning not only moisturizes your hair, but it also makes your hair soft and manageable. I advise deep conditioning your hair once a week or every two weeks.

Tip #10: Trimming Your Hair When Needed

When it comes to growing your hair trims are a necessity. The ends of your hair are usually damaged because it is the oldest part of your hair. Leaving damaged ends can slow down your hair growth and cause your hair to be constantly dry. I advise getting your hair trimmed every 3-4 months.

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