Instagram's Algorithm is constantly changing and it affects us as influencers daily. With the new algorithm, it has become harder to grow your page. Below we will explain what the algorithm is and give you tips on how to beat it.

What is the algorithm and what's its intention?

The algorithm is a method use to make Instagram's users stay longer. Its intention is to make users happy while winging out scammers. This is what makes Instagram successful. The algorithm also decides the order in which post on Instagram are seen. It focuses on showing users family and friends post first, which makes it hard for influencers to get their content seen.

What are some of the things Instagram's algorithm dislike?

  1. Buying followers or likes

  2. Power likes( likes from a huge/popular Instagram account which help your page go viral. Power likes are usually brought.)

  3. Bots

If you are found using these things, Instagram will penalize you. Ways you can be penalize are

  1. Decreasing your reach by a lot.

  2. Block you from following or liking.

  3. Blocking you from gaining a reach from hashtags.

What can you do to beat the algorithm

1. Analyze your content and make it great!

Take a good look at your content. If you were someone scrolling through Instagram would you stop to look at your content? Is your content eye catching? Does your content makes someone want to follow you? Good content generates likes and shares. You want your content to be liked and shared so you can rank high on the feed. With that being said you want to make sure your photos and videos are clear and bold. Consider using apps to help brighten up your content. ( We will discuss apps in our next blog).

2. Learn how to use hashtags.

Hashtags are your best friend, they help you increase awareness and engagement. Hashtags help you become known. When using hashtags make sure your page is set to public, this allows your content to become more visible to other users who search the hashtags. Only use hashtags that are popular. We suggest you search for hashtags that are only related to your niche.

3. Post more videos.

Instagram users love videos more than photos. And honestly we believe the Instagram algorithm does as well. It is believed that videos are usually ranked higher on Instagram. Also, post more IGTV videos. Just like stories, IGTV videos appear more often on Instagram feeds.

4. Post in your story.

You may think that posting stories isn't important, but they are actually a great way to beat Instagram's algorithm. Posting a story is a great way to engage your audience. Stories are highlighted on feeds, they help you stay known.

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